Vida Verde Eco-Guesthouse and Costa Rica

Frequently asked questions

  • Do we have to rent a car?

  • What is the best alternative to get around without a car?

  • Which car rental company do you recommend?

  • How far at you located from the airport?

  • What can we find in Playa Avellanas?

  • What are the main activities to do in your area?

  • How far from the beach are you located?

  • ​​What climate, and what temperature can we expect?

  • What beach accessories should we bring?

  • Do you rent surfboards?

  • Can we surf in Playa Avellanas? If yes, how much can a surf lesson cost?

  • Is breakfast included?

  • What types of meals do you cook, and what are the prices?

  • Do you have high-speed Internet?

  • What is the local currency?

  • Is Costa Rica a safe country?